Due to the high volume of need, JCCF does not post any applications for assistance.  Referrals are recommended from local community members, medical facilities, or local organizations.

Katelynn Kelley  

Recipient 1

L-R: Diannie Kelley, Jeremy Kelley, Katelynn Kelley (Recipient), KJ Kelley, Brittany Kelley, Linda Marsh, Fred Crabtree, Sue Crabtree

Eric Anderson

Recipient 2

L-R: Sally Anderson (widow of Eric Anderson), Lorie Crabtree, Mattie Crabtree

BJ Brazell

Recipient 3

L-R: Owen Crabtree, Andy Crabtree, BJ Brazell (Recipient), Randy Brazell, Nathan Brazell and Grace Andrews

Sandy Sasser

Recipient 4

L-R: Mike Davis, Sandy Sasser (Recipient), Karen Crabtree

Melanie Hatcher

Recipient 5

L-R: Recipient's Niece and Sister in Law, Stephanie and Donna Parrott, Skylar with her Mother, Melanie Hatcher (Recipient),
Husband Brackey and the Crabtrees: Mattie, Lorie and Jacob

Mike Reid

Recipient 6

L-R: Friend of Mike Reid, Mike Reid (Recipient)

Ava Frey

Recipient 7

L-R: Karen Crabtree, Lorie Crabtree, Sarah Carr, Ava Frey (Recipient), Rusty Belcher

Rita Luke

Recipient 8

L-R: Tom Luke, Rita Luke (Recipient), Lorie Crabtree, Fred Crabtree, Andy Crabtree

Brooke Parezo

Recipient 9

Andy Crabtree, Mark Parezo (Recipient Brooke Parezo's Father), Karen Crabtree (not pictured Kim Cannon)

Michelle Holland

Recipient 10

L-R: Karen Crabtree, Michelle Holland (Recipient), Jean Holland, Sue Crabtree (not pictured Kim Gonzalez)

Rich Garcia

Recipient 11

L-R: Fred Crabtree, Andy Crabtree, Rich Garcia (Recipient), and Manager Rick Friend

Drew Butler

Recipient 12

L-R: Justin Butler, Drew Butler (Recipient), Julie Butler, Kendall Butler, Karen Crabtree, Mike Davis


Recipient 13

Anonymous Recipient 10/14/2014

Patsy Ford

Recipient 14

L-R: Karen Crabtree, Patsy Ford, Sue Crabtree

Patti Cogburn

Recipient 15

L-R: Dr. Lorne Wenzel, Patti Cogburn (Recipient), Tabitha Crabtree

Amy Morehouse

Recipient 16

L-R: Fred Crabtree, Sheila Crowe, Amy Morehouse (Recipient), Jackie Rice

Shane Worley

Recipient 17

L-R: Tammy Mears, Karen Crabtree, Shane Worley (Recipient), Sandi Worley, Stephanie Abell (not pictured Cindy Jenkins)

Bruce Button

Recipient 18

L-R: Fred Crabtree, Andy Crabtree, Bruce Button (Recipient - seated)

Ken Norat 

Recipient 19

L-R: Ken Norat (Recipient), Kamron Norat, Delaney Norat, Dawn Norat, Ella Crabtree and Andy Crabtree

Dan Colonna 

Recipient 20

L-R: Mary Keating, Mattie Crabtree, Dan Colonna (Recipient), Lorie Marsden Crabtree and Elizabeth Smith McKinney

Brian Delatore

Recipient 21

L-R: Jacob Crabtree, Lorie Marsden Crabtree, Brian Delatore (Recipient), Gerri Delatore, Bailee Blaylock, Mattie Crabtree and Kim Brooks Blaylock.

Jessica Aquino

Recipient 22

L-R: Lorie Crabtree, Jessica Aquino (recipient) and Mattie Crabtree

Rafael Rosario

Recipient 23

L-R: Karen Crabtree, Rafael Rosario (Recipient), Dawn Rosario, Sue Crabtree

Terri Pickles 

Recipient 24

L-R: Terri Pickles (recipient), Andy Crabtree and John Pickles(Terri's husband)

Mo Brabham

Recipient 25

L-R: Mo Brabham (recipient), Andy Crabtree, Tricia Brabham (Mo's wife)

Debra Nix 

Recipient 26

L-R: Karen Crabtree, Falecia Handley (Debra's sister in law), Debra Nix (recipient) and Sue Crabtree

Doug Keller

Recipient 27

L-R: Lorie Crabtree, Doug Keller (Recipient), Jodi Keller (Wife) and Melissa Wise (Niece)

Suzanna Leigh

Recipient 28

L-R: Fred Crabtree and Suzanna Leigh (Recipient) 

Samantha Johansen

Recipient 29

L-R: Ella Crabtree, Fred Johansen (Samantha's Husband), Knox Johansen (Samantha & Fred's Baby), Samantha Johansen (Recipient), April Markham and Tabitha Crabtree

Michele Farmer

Recipient 30

L-R: Brendon Chase, Kim Crant, Michele Farmer (Recipient) and Sue Crabtree

Erica Duncan

Recipient 31

L-R: Erica Duncan (Recipient), Louis Duncan (Erica's Husband), Karen Crabtree, Wendy Daughtry Sumner and Angie King (Friends & Co-Workers of Erica)

Gunnar Bradshaw

Recipient 32

L-R: Olivia Bradshaw (Sister), Ronnie Bradshaw (Father), Staci Bradshaw (Mother), Gunnar Bradshaw (Recipient), Karen Crabtree and Mike Davis

Brandon Paulikas

Recipient 33

L-R: Barb and Andy Paulikas (Parents), Fred Crabtree, Brandon Paulikas (Recipient), Sue Crabtree, Robin and Daryll Parker (Friends/Neighbors)

Carole Vickers

Recipient 34

L-R: Carole Vickers (Recipient) and Tabitha Crabtree

Edward Phillips

Recipient 35

L-R: Mike Davis, Karen Crabtree, Edward Phillips (Recipient), Carolyn Torres (Friend) and Robert Phillips (Brother)

Jane Green

Recipient 36

L-R: Nancy Barber, Jane Green (Recipient) and Father Tom Rutherford

Eric Rosario

Recipient 37

Pictured L-R:  Andy Crabtree, Fred Crabtree, Eric Rosario (Recipient), Mike Willett and Carl Peters

Paula Armstrong 

Recipient 38

L-R: Sue Crabtree, Karen Crabtree, Paula Armstrong (Recipient), Becky Worsham Farrant (Friend) and Lin Lindsay (Program Director at Ocoee Oaks Kids' Place)


Recipient 39

Anonymous Recipient 02/09/2018

Jimmy Diaz

Recipient 40

L-R: Karen Crabtree, Jimmy Diaz (Recipient), partner Rafael Martinez and their adorable pup Chewy.

Alais Salvador

Recipient 41

L-R: Mark Salvador (Husband), Alais Salvador (Recipient), Andy Crabtree and Lorie Crabtree

Jesse Sandvick


L-R: Shawn Kelly (Friend), Jesse Sandvick (Recipient), Andy Crabtree




Anonymous Recipient 10/31/2018

Nick and Donna MacNichol


Nick and Donna recipient.jpg

L-R: Renee Brethorst (Nick's sister), Zack MacNichol (son), Recipient Nick MacNichol, Recipient Donna MacNichol, Jennifer Cramer, Friend, and Fred and Sue Crabtree of JCCF

Ciera Peterson



L-R: Kalee Meeks (Sister), Teresa Renfroe, Lorie Crabtree, Ciera Peterson (Recipient), Jama Peterson (Mom), Caroline Hitte (Friend), Karen Crabtree, Kate Peterson (Sister) and Jason Hitte (Pastor). Not pictured: Kim Johnston (WOJSL)

Ivy Thompson



Pictured L-R: Sue Crabtree, Ivy Thompson (Recipient) and Cole (Ivy's Son)

Jerry Johnston



Pictured L-R: Sue Crabtree, Jerry Johnston (Recipient), Kim Johnston (Jerry's Wife) and Karen Crabtree

Laura Erckert 



L-R: Andy Crabtree, Harry Wiest (Fiance), Baby Alina and Laura Erckert (Recipient)

Landon Bliven



Pictured L-R: Karen Crabtree, Brittany Snipes (Landon's Mom) and Landon Bliven (Recipient)

Jim Flanagan 



Pictured: L-R: Tim Hendrix (Brother of Melodye), Melodye Flanagan (Jim's Wife), James "Jim" Flanagan (Recipient), Fred Crabtree and Ella Crabtree (not pictured Sue Crabtree)

Scott Connley



Pictured L-R: Karen Crabtree, Sue Crabtree, Scott Connley (Recipient) and Sherikey Mobley, RN.

Miriam Lugo



L-R: Andy Crabtree, Bill Heichel, Diana Jones, Krimilda Alvarez (Miriam's Mom), Miriam Lugo (Recipient), Israel Valentin (Miriam's Brother), Karen Crabtree and Lori Heichel

Addison Sinclair



L-R: Shelley Dawson (Friend), Sue Crabtree, Addison Sinclair (Recipient) and Kara Sinclair (Addison's Mom)

Kathryn Dugans



Picture on left: Kathryn Dugans (Recipient)

Picture on right, L-R: Walter McGriff (Kathryn's Brother In Low), Sue Crabtree, Sherikey Mobley, RN (UF Cancer Center Clermont) and Josie West (Kathryn's Sister)

Jose Pena



AdventHealth Cancer Institute (Orlando)

Picture L-R: Catherine Lindner (Manager/Outpatient Oncology Social Work), Fred Crabtree, Sue Crabtree, Jose Pena (Recipient), Margarita Pena (wife) and Elena Saldamando (Oncology Social Worker)